Bothering Issues With Astrology

It is indeed a strange thing that we believe in Astrology for ages and yet it is subject to challenges by the so-called ‘scientific-minded’ and ‘rationalists’. Hypocrisy, on the part of my astrologer friends is the root cause of this state of affairs. Very often we come across articles in print media and programmes on TV channels criticizing Astrology for its ‘non-scientific’ notions. However, it is sad that the same news papers or the TV channels do not stop astrological columns and shows. If we allege astrologers for exploiting people’s sentiments; the media also cannot spare themselves from the blemish of playing with controversial issues for the lure of increasing number of readers or viewers.

I have been a student of Hindu Astrology for many years, at least more than 27 years. During my experiments, I studied different schools of Astrology. However, my logical mind could never fully convince on certain aspects and precepts of the subject. I don’t claim to be an authority on the subject and it is quite possible that my efforts have not been sufficient to reach up to perfection. In the wake of increasing level of scientific education, I feel that there are challenges before astrologers. Here are a few of them. I am of the opinion that we should have bodies to look into these issues and resolve them so that dignity of the subject can be enhanced. Healthy discussion on following points are welcome:

(1) If we believe that fate, ‘Prarabdha’ is a sum total of un-rewarded Karma, the horoscope being an indicator of our Karma balance-sheet should show the status of such ‘unrewarded’ karma at the time of our birth. Let us assume that a native seek astrological guidance at his age of 25-30 years. At this point of time, let us assume; the astrologer suggests some remedies to mitigate the bad influence of Rahu in the horoscope. The native, accepting the recommendation, performs the remedies. Now, let us assume that the same native seeks astrological guidance again at his age of say, 40 years. Here, the questions arise:-

(1.a) What way an astrologer can know about the portion of ‘unrewarded’ karma availed after his birth and before the time his chart is examined for guidance?

(1.b) What about the rewards of the karma performed after the birth till the time of horoscope examination. There must be some karma that would fructify during this life span itself. Do astrologers have any system to accommodate the influence of the karma performed during this life?

(1.c) How can an astrologer determine whether the bad influence of a planet has been resolved through remedies prior to examining the chart?

(1.d) Does the horoscope get modified upon performance of such remedies?

(2) There are other issues related with ambiguity of our belief in the theory of Karma and Astrological Remedies. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ and that there’s no exception. No one can escape from the fruits. A person has to suffer for bad karma and has to avail benefits of his good karma. No adjustments are permitted. No one can claim discount from suffering against his outstanding rewards of the good karma. So, putting together of ‘theory of karma and astrological remedies’ seems illogical. If we believe in efficacy of theory of Karma, we cannot believe in efficacy of Remedies..!

(2.a) How can we believe in Astrological Remedies if we believe theory of Karma?

(2.b) How can the results of bad past karma be removed by mere performing some funny remedies?

(3) There are further issues related with theory of probability and astrological predictions. We know the concepts of permutations and combinations. If the order doesn’t matter, it is a Combination. If the order does matter it is a Permutation.

Now, if we apply this to horoscope interpretation; we have following results –

(3.a) In a horoscope, we have 12 houses and 9 planets. The results will be – 108 possibilities (12×9)

(3.b) We have 12 different signs. So the possibilities would be – 1296 (108×12)

(3.c) We have 27 Nakshtras. So the possibilities would be – 34,992 (1296 x 27)

Don’t forget, this is yet limited to ‘Lagna Kundli’ alone. Think of the possibilities where we consider ‘Rashi Kundli’ and ‘Hora Kundli’ and all those Shadvarga Kundlies. Thus, there are innumerable combinations between different sets of horoscope elements and it is indeed very easy to formulate astrological factors being responsible for any event. Post-event justification of any happenings through astrological formulas would be quite easy. However, it is not so easy to predict an event with the same set of formulas. The same result would not be seen in other horoscopes having the same planetary combinations. If we assess this situation honestly; we have to admit that beyond astrological factors, there has to be other factors responsible for an event to occur.

On the one hand, I have personally witnessed the Nadi astrologers disclosing the names and other basic details about the natives so accurately. On the other hand, there are many fallacies practised in the name of astrology. I have worked tirelessly on many astrological methods and formulas and yet to be honest, not able to endorse even a single formula to correctly know:

(3.d) whether the gender of the native is male or female

(3.e) whether the native is alive.

Source by Vibhutiganesh Ji

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