Does Vinegar Cosmically Mix With Oil?

Goethe said it, Pythagoras said it, Clytemnestra said it, Shakespeare said it, Shamans have said it… humans are a version of reactive chemical polarized substances. Some have ventured to say that we come from the same genetic source. Imagine these bipolar forces like spiral strands of the DNA sharing the same atom, which creates the PULSE by contracting and expanding, and which is both positive and negative in nature.

We are energetic beings, everything that is alive has to have movement. We humans do it with the push and pull among ourselves. The advantage of the movement is hopefully to evolve by accumulating experiences and lessons and eventually getting closer to the original intelligence, to its image.

I put both ideas together and propose that our entity is part of a shared space with the original cell that creates polarized forces.

When we are in a relationship, we are like two circles, each circle being an individual; when we are in harmony, we share the space with the original cell by overlapping the circle. That space shared by both is the common denominator, our genetic source.

You see music harmonies matching cosmic harmonies, in the geometry of the human body and sacred spaces, in food interaction, in homeopathic remedies, in the understanding of astrological interpretations, in political ideas, in the fundamentals of quantum physics.

When two people fight, they pull away, releasing the overlapped space they created when in harmony, and like a rubber band they eventually return back to where they started, CONNECTED, RESOLVED. It seems like an enigma but that is the chemistry that people talk about when they talk about “having chemistry with a person.” It does not mean necessarily a peaceful oceanic state, but it means a hidden magnetic force that pushes them away and pulls them back again. A gravitational attraction because of the shared common denominator.

When we meet someone, our unconscious is at work. It remembers a face, a look, a behavior from this depository of memories either collective or personal. The collective unconscious is a depository of subjective experiences given to us before birth with repressed memories, places, images, personalities. At birth, we create our own personal unconscious, based on our own experiences. An expression of the unconscious is our nocturnal dreams that need decoding for very important personal or collective messages.

Could this sacred space created by two people overlapping in energy also be part of our unconscious, with its personal and collective wisdom, part of our DNA, our first creator? The common denominator?

Just like vinegar and oil, with the good balance of contrasting tastes, they share one cohesive atom that keeps them together in an emulsion. This is a very important process since the central cell needs to be stabilized for cohesion by a central atom to prevent chaos.

Read in my next chapter what the cohesive atom could be in relationships, food, music, homeopathy, astrology, mythology, the arts, psychoanalysis, etc. Find out about addictions.

Read more on my book: ” The Memory of Vinegar and Oil: Origins Unified”

Source by Elide Beltram PhD.

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