Birth Story of Goddess Laxmi Maa (Indian Mythology Story)

I extend a warm welcome to all of you on Laxmiputra. As you all know and it is well known that money has been of special importance in our life for the life since the beginning of the ages and till this time life will prevail in the world, the importance of money. Why would it be just a fantasy to live in this world without money and every person living in this world, whether male or female, has a special importance and place in the life of everyone, because without wealth, there is no other way No thing can be bought and sold, without money we can not even imagine to consume that thing because we can get whatever we want through money only when We have so much money because only you can get all the things that are consumed in your life, so wealth is so much more important in our life and as everyone knows that the goddess of wealth is Goddess Lakshmi and This story is about the birth of Goddess Lakshmi, because it must have arisen in everyone’s mind that the wealth of which the Goddess belongs to. I worship how he was born in this world and how long the circulation of wealth has been going on. Was this earth started with wealth or the circulation of money has been going on since before the creation of earth and if wealth The practice of the earth was before the creation of the earth, so what used to happen in that era, how this infinite universe has originated and how Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth, was born. I am presenting the birth story of Maa Laxmi to you today, it is just an effort, I hope you will like this story. According to the mythological belief in Hinduism, when Adikal (meaning Adikal means that there is no front and back), this universe was not created at that time, God was prevailing as a divine light and everywhere in that time The omnipresent sound of the universe existed which we call Om or Omkar and with this divine light, Adidev Shri Adinarayana appeared, after his appearance, Addev wished to create this creation in his mind, then Adidev gave his left hand (left hand) The Goddess Adi Shakti was revealed to us (whom we call Jagatjanani Maa Mahamaya), the same Adi Shakti is the mother of Goddess Bhagwati and the place of mother Adi Shakti is so paramount in the mind of Lord Addev that when Lord Adideva revealed her mother, then Lord Adideva himself Greeted Adishakti. It is believed that Adi Dev only takes a pledge to do any work and Goddess Adi Shakti in the form of Goddess, she said to God Adi Shakti that she has to do the work of creation and operation of this creation to Maa Adishakti. , Lord Adidev asked Mother Adishakti to reveal the powers inside her and to support the work of creation, maintenance and destruction of this world, on which the Goddess Adi Shakti prays to Lord Addev that Lord Adidev is his eternal existence To reveal the three celestial personalities from the first part, first part as Brahma Ji, second part as Shri Hari Vishnu and third part as Bholenath Shivshambhu, then Lord Addev accepted the prayer of Mother Adishakti, Lord Brahma from his eternal existence Shree Hari appeared to Vishnu and Mahadev Shiva and Brahmadev bowed to both and asked what is their origin and what is their work. Then Mother Adishakti explained the actions of the three Gods one by one, Mother Adishakti Told that the first number The work of Sh Brahmadev is to create this creation and in this task, mother Saraswati will help Brahmadev in the form of mother Adi Shakti and both of them will be Bramhalok, similarly Lord Hari Vishnu, the second part of Addev, asked both of them to salute them. For which work has been done, then mother Adi Shakti told Lord Shri Hari Vishnu that her work has been done for the preservation and upkeep of this creation and Shri Hari Vishnu’s residence will be on the bed of Sheshnag in the Ksheer Sagar and when In this creation, religion will have the empire of evil and unrighteousness, then Shri Hari Vishnu will have to protect the religion by destroying the iniquities by wearing a fierce avatar, similarly Mahadev Shivshambhu Bholenath, the third part of Addev, asked both of them to ask their origin. For which work has been done, then mother Adi Shakti informed Lord Bholenath that when Brahmadev will create this mortal creation and when the creation of this creation will happen, then the destruction of this creation will also be necessary and the work of Lord Bholenath will be destroyed. And in this task Mother Parvati will support Lord Shiva in the form of Adi Shakti and Lord Shiva Shambhu will reside on Mount Kailash with Bholenath. When Mother Adishakti finished explaining the works of the three Gods, then the God of the Gods asked the Goddess that she would be alone in her Vishnu form, then Mother Adishakti told Lord Adidev that for this God Bhagwan Adidev will have to wait a little while Brahmadeva created this creation. When we compose, then there will be creation of sur and asura, in which sur will be called god and demon demon, in which the gods will be inhabited by Heaven and the demons will be in Patalalok and both will rule their own folk but both will never befriend each other. Will continue to seize rights

And the Asuras will be more powerful than the Gods, and due to repeated wars, the welfare of this creation will be hindered, then the Gods and Asuras will churn the ocean with inspiration from the mother Adishakti and at that time Mother Adishakti as Sagarakanya Lakshmi I will incarnate and serve Lord Hari Vishnu Swaroop of Lord Adidev.
In this way, after getting the order of the mother of the world, Adi Shakti Mahamaya, the three celestial parts of the god Adeva started their work to discharge their responsibilities by moving their people, thus the construction work of this creation first started and Lord Brahma started Rishimuni. From male to female created the gods (Sur) and Asuras and gave heaven to the gods and to the demons Patalalok and the guru of the gods, Vrihaspati and the guru of Asuras were inhabited. The deities received the most beautiful infinite fascination, the supreme heaven full of luxuries of all kinds, and the first Indrapad Suresh on the throne of that heaven and he was made the king of the gods and he was made the heavenly god, the god of lightning, the rain. The powers of God etc. were also conferred. The Gods received the Varna Varna Kantimayya Kaya Aishwarya Vaibhav Vilas, beautiful clothes, in contrast, Hiranyaksha, the king of Asuras, received this position. And thus Heaven and Hades were created. And as it is known in the past that the gods and the Asuras could never be friends and the two fought a war against each other and this war resulted in the fact that the Asuras became full on the god and in the battle the king of the Asuras sacrificed the gods. Defeated, as it is told in the Puranas, that the demon Guru Shukracharya had done austerities to Lord Shiva and attained the dead lord’s knowledge so that he could revive the dead asuras but not the immortals. After losing the battle to the Asuras, Dev Guru went to Indra, the king of the gods Jupiter and described to him the immense wealth contained in the sea and also told that there is nectar in the sea, by which all the gods can attain immortality and its For this, the sea has to be churned and the gods cannot do this work alone, it will also have to take the help of the Asuras, on understanding of Lord Guru Vrihaspati, Indra, the King of the Gods, reached the Pataloka with Guru Vrihaspati to meet the Asuras King Bali and proposed the treaty of Devasur , Went to Indra, the king of the gods and described to him the immense wealth contained in the sea, and also told that there is nectar in the sea, by drinking which all the gods can achieve immortality and for this, the sea has to be churned and this Gods cannot do the work alone, it will also have to take the support of the Asuras, on understanding of Lord Guru Vrihaspati, Indra, the King of the Gods, reached the Patalalok with Guru Vrihaspati to meet the Asuras King Bali and proposed the treaty of Devasur, but the king of the Asuras, Bali Refuse to make treaty Deva Guru Vrihaspati then suggested the way of consultation with King Bali to Guru Shukracharya and the trio went to Asura Guru Shukracharya, Dev Guru Vrihaspati proposed the churning of the sea which was accepted by Asura Guru Shukracharya and also King Bali. Ordered and Raja Bali agreed to the Guru’s instructions, but Raja Bali said that whatever wealth etc. would come out first in the ocean churn, the Asuras would have the right and the amount of wealth that would come out would be equal to Batwaran, but the task of churning the sea It was not so easy, for this there was a huge rope and churn, on this, Guru Shukracharya said that to solve this problem, he should go to Lord Shiva and all people reached near Lord Shiva and expressed the meaning of their arrival and told That the two want to churn the sea for the welfare of the world, but they do not have such a large churn and rope to do this work, then Lord Shiva mentioned the Mandar mountain for the churner and described Vasuki Nag of Patalalok for the rope and Thus the hope of Lord Shiva After receiving the blessings, both Mandar mountain and Vasuki went to celebrate Nag for churning the sea and after acceptance of both, the deity

And the Asuras started work by churning the sea. And as soon as the churning of the sea started, after a few moments, the Mandar mountain started going under the sea from all over, then on the orders of Maa Mahamaya, the world mother, Lord Shree Hari Vishnu took the avatar of Kachhap to form the mandar mountain, thus the churning of the sea started and A total of 14 gems emerged from the sea, which are as follows.

  1. Venom (Hallahal) whose temperature was so excessive that it could burn Dev Asura and creation and Lord Shiva drank this poison on the prayer of Devraj Indra, due to which his throat became blue due to which Lord Shiva is known as Neelkanth. Are
  2. High horse (king of horse)
  3. Airavat Elephant (which is the best among elephants)
  4. Kaustubh Mani (Best of Mani)
  5. Kamadhenu cow (best among cows in which 33 goddesses are inhabited)
  6. tree of heaven
  7. Apsara Rambha
  8. Ksheer Sagar Kanya Sarvang Sundari Devi Mahalakshmi Maa (Janman Hari Mangalamurthy Wishing Supply Sindhu Dulari Aishwarya Dharini)
  9. Varuni (alcoholic) consumed by which Asuras always remain madiramaya
  10. Moon (which Lord Shiva held on his forehead)
  11. Parijat tree
  12. Conch shell
  13. Lord Dhanvantari
  14. Amrit Kalash (whose gods attained immortality by drinking nectar and Rahu by deception also performed Amritpan so that Lord Vishnu was enraged and separated from Rahu’s head and divided it into two parts of Rahu and Ketu because Rahu’s deceit was both the sun and the moon. Had seen therefore Rahu in his vengeance eclipsed both the sun and the moon by casting his shadow on it and hence the shadow placed by Rahu on the sun and the moon is called eclipse).

In this way Sarvang Sundari Aishwarya Dharini Janam Hari Mangalamurthi wishing for the birth of Sindhu Dulari Mahalakshmi Mata and after Lakshmi had descended from Ksheer Sagar, Lord Shree Hari Vishnu was chosen as her husband and resided with her in Kshar Sagar for Saidava, thus Mata Mahalakshmi The story of Janam ends, I hope you have liked this story.
I wish that Sarvang Sundari Aishwarya Dharini Janman Hari Mangalamurthy wish all the blessings of Sindhu Dulari Mahalakshmi, great blessings of mother to all of you. May all of you have infinite happiness, luxury and wealth, mother’s welfare.
Thank you

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