Goddess Maa Ashtlaxmi Brief Description

The Description of Maa Ashtalaxmi

Detailed description of Maa Ashtalaxmi – As you have already read the birth story of Maa laxmi, how Maa laxmi was born and almost everyone knows that Maa laxmi is the mother of this whole world, present on this earth and all the universe. All wealth, wealth, luxury, metal, elements etc. are the presiding deities of all.

And along with Maa laxmi, she also created eight forms of herself to conduct all kinds of activities present in this world and assign each of her forms to take charge of the operation of this world.

The description of eight forms of Mata Ashtlakshmi is as follows –

  1. Adi Laxmi

2. Dhan Laxmi

3. Vidya Laxmi

4. Dhanya Laxmi

5. Patience Laxmi

6. Child Laxmi

7. Vijay Laxmi

8. Raj laxmi

Adi Laxmi | Adi Laxmi

This Adi Laxmi is the first form of Maa Laxmi in Maa AshtaLaxmi. Adi means in the beginning easy language, you can call it the root that take the root of any vastu, such as a human being.

We humans are ignorant of our origins and according to the Puranas, we are all children of the Supreme Father God and a man should have knowledge of his origin and is call Adi Laxmi. And this is consider the ultimate knowledge.

In the same way, Mother Adi is Laxmi who has received the work of purity and bliss of human race in the operation of this world. The habit of Adi Laxmi is consider only among knowledgeable men, who have mother Adi Laxmi, in fact, that person also has knowledge.

Dhan Laxmi | Dhana Laxmi

Mother AshtaLaxmi’s second form Dhan Laxmi Maa – It is impossible for any human being to live without money in this world. And it is also impossible to purchase the goods of human enjoyment without wealth, in this world, the basis for living in human life is only money and Maa Dhan Laxmi is the charge of operating wealth in this world.

In the craving for this wealth, man struggles with struggle because through money only man is able to supply his worldly desires and know that for this wealth in human life, truth, lies, material, punishments, looting , Etc. Humans do all kinds of deeds.

Vidya Laxmi | Vidya Laxmi

The third form of Mother AshtaLaxmi – Mother Vidya Laxmi. Vidya Daini will be know about Mother Saraswati, Mother Saraswati, who has been given this charge to all human beings present in this world for their knowledge.

Whatever knowledge is available in this pasture world, it is only through Mother Saraswati that man learns those genres and he attains that knowledge and in this world there is no limit to knowledge, knowledge is unlimited.

Whatever knowledge a man acquires during his lifetime remains a mere name, and if you meet and interact with a great man, you will find that the knowledgeable man will tell himself that he is still learning from him. You will never find yourself boasting of knowledge.

But that knowledgeable man will say that he has got something to learn from you too, such a person has the abode of permanent Saraswati. If you have ever seen the picture of Laxmi Maa and Saraswati Maa, then you will see that Laxmi Maa is mostly sitting on the lotus in the water.

Because the water is unstable i.e. Maa Lakshmi is also unstable and fickle like water and the mother of Vidya Dayini Devi Saraswati rests steadily on a stone. When knowledge comes in the life of man, then there is stability in life.

We can also misuse the knowledge and even if only reading becomes the goal of a human being, then she does not become Vidya Laxmi. You have to study, then use what you have read, then it is Vidya Laxmi.

Dhanya Laxmi | Dhanya Laxmi

The fourth form of Mother AshtaLaxmi – Mother Dhanya Laxmi, without them it is impossible to maintain any human being in this world. Because if you have money but no food, then you cannot eat anything like lentils, rice, rotis, vegetables, ghee, salt, sugar or other foods. It means wealth Lakshmi but lack of cereal Laxmi. You must have seen that a lot of grain is available in the villages.

You must have noticed that the residents of the village never hesitate to feed anyone for two to four days. They may not have money but have grain. The people of the villages eat and feed very well.

The food consumed by the villagers is superior in quality and quantity as compared to the people of the city. The digestive power of the villagers is much better than the villagers. Food is essential for every person in the world. Food should not be waste or spoiled.

Many times, more than half is throw in the food that is made, and they are not give to others. Do not do this. Dhanya Laxmi is to honor money as well as cereal.

Any person who fully respects the grain does not waste unnecessary grain, there is never a shortage of grains in his life and the blessing of mother Dhanya Laxmi is on the person. You are request to kindly respect the food grains and never waste unnecessary grain.

Patience Laxmi | Dhairya Laxmi

The fifth abode of Mother AshtaLaxmi – Patience Laxmi, is the precious property of man Patience, He who has patience has patience – Lakshmi and the same charge is given to Mother Patience-Laxmi.

If you have everything in your house, money, grain, everything is rich, but you are timid. It is oft seen that children of wealthier families are very timid.

You must have also seen that people who do jobs are afraid of their officers. If a businessman, he is afraid of police inspectors. You will ask the officers what kind of assistants do you like? Who is afraid in front of you or who works with you patiently?

He who is afraid of you will never tell you the truth, will tell a false story. You will not be able to work with such a person. You like those assistants who stay and talk with you with patience and honesty.

The question is also why are you afraid of your officers? Because we are not connect to our lives. We do not know that there is such power within us, there is a divine power that is with us forever. Laxmi lacked this patience.

With patience Laxmi, life can progress or else it cannot. There is progress in the amount of patience Laxmi. Whether in business or in job. Patience Laxmi is require.

Child Laxmi | Santana Laxmi

Mother AshtaLaxmi’s sixth form – child Laxmi, only after hearing this name can you understand that the mother has been given the responsibility of getting children in this world.

The life of a man without children is devoid of happiness, life of any couple without children is incomplete. The biggest capital of married life is child.

And these children are the keys to the love of married life, with whom we are concerned with love and the feeling of children, then that child is Laxmi.

The child with whom stress is reduce or not is the child Lakshmi. The child who brings happiness, prosperity, peace is the child of Laxmi and the child from whom quarrel, stress, trouble, sorrow, pain, suffering is not the child of Laxmi.

Vijay Laxmi | Vijaya Laxmi

The seventh form of Maa AshtaLaxmi – Vijay Laxmi, people who have all kinds of resources and facilities in the world, but human life is incomplete without success and everything remains if a human being does not get success in any work.

Even after that person has everything, that person should join hands in any work and that work gets destroy or it will not work, otherwise Vijay Laxmi is lacking in that person’s life.

Even if you send that person to take anything in the market, then only he does not get it. If you go by vehicle, it will go bad. Even if you reach the market by taxi, all the shops are close. Seeing this you will feel that it would have been better if I had done this work by going to the market myself.

Any person who cannot do even the smallest work has a huge shortage of Vijay Laxmi. If that person will make some excuse or no excuse, then there will be such situations in front of him that he does not get success in any work, this lack of Vijay Laxmi.

Raj laxmi | Raj Laxmi

Mother AshtaLaxmi’s eighth form – Raj Laxmi, whether you call it Raj Laxmi or Bhagya Laxmi, they both mean the same – to rule any power. You must have seen that many times it happens that a minister is sitting in the highest position but even after he is in the highest position, not a single person can walk, he speaks anything but he has no listener.

It also happens many times that there is an owner in a company but no one listens to it. Nobody will listen to the owner’s talk in that company, but everyone hears and admits about a babu, but he will run the company only.

To rule any power is to rule Raj Laxmi. You must have seen that the head of any trade union, Raj Laxmi is rarely with any urban mill owner. In the mill, he is only the trade union chief but he has Raj Laxmi, he can run the government. The power to rule is Raj Lakshmi.

AshtaLaxmi Summary

These eight types of Dhan-Laxmi are all related to each other, there are more or less of these eight Dhan-Laxmi in each person’s life. How much we respect these AshtaLaxmi, how much and how we use them depends on us.

The absence of these AshtaLaxmi is call -Ashta Daridrata. Whether Laxmi is there or not, Narayana can still be adapt. If you have taken care of Narayana then you have taken care of your mother Laxmi because Narayan belongs to both – Laxmi Narayana and Daridra Narayana!

Daridra Narayana is serve and Laxmi Narayana is worshiped. The flow of whole life is going from the dreary Narayana to Laxmi Narayana – from misery to prosperity, from drought in life to divine nectar.

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