I was born a psychic medium, and some of people being a healer comes natural to me. I  decided to step out of the way and allow spirit to work through me.

I used to think when I began my spiritual path consciously that I had to be perfect and one day i will. I thought how saints are living with calm and  I had to live like a saint. That I couldn’t be angry or say how I felt because I represented the light.

some times I lived like ordinary human and I tried to ignore my humanness. But I saw that as a weakness when I’m living in reality I am in a human body experiencing life through the eyes of a human, and I seriously feel that and I’m It goes without saying that I can’t escape that and neither can you.

What we can do is learn to control our thoughts only and emotions these are two biggest weaknesses of the human condition and every human has to suffer from this and this is very tough only a people can understand who are suffering from this state. As I work with the masters and the rays I have come to understand this world has no equality or justice and why this happens and  world is not equal for everyone who lives in this earth. It is up to us healers to first understand who we are and how we fit in the plan. What is our calling? Then embrace it like no other.

I love being a healer there are times and I don’t love the path of ascension, in fact there are days I hate it because it makes reach beyond my comfort zone some times it happens but as a healer has to convey if a healer can understand then he will serve to others.

But isn’t that the point? if I as a healer can not step out of my comfort zone and accept that today I am having a hard time how am I supposed to serve those in the same place. and this time mighty God Gives solid direction and lead you to your best, even if that best is not as good as you think you can be and it happens, it is better than you were yesterday, and tomorrow who knows? The biggest lesson I have learned is it’s ok to feel out of place, it’s ok to feel unsettled. It’s ok to feel what you are feeling, acknowledge it, find it’s cause and then using spiritual guidelines and the teaching of the ascended masters transmute it.

Hope you can understand this story and try to be sober spiritually and mentally and definitely this works only you have to be spiritual and stay with it positively and you will heal yourself both mentally and physically. Always remember friends spiritual path can help to live your life like a legend and be a legend. May God Bless You All and he may do complete you all wishes and dreams too.

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