Numerology Number 1

When you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of each month, the final result of adding up your birthdays is 1, and you are the Numerology Number 1 person.

People with a birthday of Numerology Number 1 will have a strong side of self-respect in their personalities. You are very enterprising and aspire to be the best in your team. Although it gives people the feeling of domination, it is precisely because of this self-confident charm that you have a strong sense of presence.

According to Numerology, You are very confident in your choices and judgments, and it is difficult for others to influence your decision. Although people born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of each month are No. 1, there are subtle differences in the specific personalities of different No. 1 persons.

Number 1 born on the 1st of each month

However, they are the purest Numerology Number 1. They are independent, strong, and the most determined of all No. 1. You don’t like to talk too much, you have a very practical perspective on issues, and you have a strong executive power. Although you have strong creativity, you often bury your talents in this area because you are too down-to-earth. Not only do you have a strong ability to complete work independently, you also have a strong desire to control, and know everything around you well.

Only in this way can you gain more security and confidence.    But in the eyes of outsiders, the pressure you put on yourself is too much, and the worry is too much. Your arbitrariness and excessive rigor will also bring discomfort to the people around you.

Number 1 born on the 10th of each month

Although the Numerology Number 1 person born on the 10th is also a strong executive and a confident and decisive member, your interests are broader and you are involved in many fields. Others trust your decision very much, and often encounter difficulties in life or work, and will regard your opinion as a guiding light. But when you encounter a problem, few people reach out to you. It’s not because others don’t want to help you, but because you always feel like you are omnipotent, and people can’t accept you when you need help. Inner loneliness will be the subject of your life. In many cases you will feel that you are isolated in the world. This feeling of alienation from the outside world is your own choice.

Number 1 born on the 19th of each month

People born on the 19th are affected by the combination of 1 and 9, resulting in a multi-faceted personality. Both have the perseverance and rationality. You have a broader view of the world, and your personality is more tolerant. Your maverick performance will not affect the existing order, but will challenge all possibilities and maximize your creativity. In addition, your emotionality will be very obvious and you are prone to extreme performance. In the face of a group, you don’t like to keep socializing with other people from time to time, and you don’t like to join in the fun. They pay much attention to personal space. Because of this, you are the one among the No. 1 people who are the best at making sense in social relationships.

Number 1 born on the 28th of each month

No. 1 born on the 28th is affected by 2 and 8, which is obviously different from other No. 1. Their personalities are more mellow and their methods of dealing with interpersonal relationships are very smooth, but they also retain the trait of No. 1 who never shrinks when they encounter choices that should be insisted on. When dealing with people, it is easy for others to find it difficult to adapt because of a strong gap between being easy to talk and being stubborn at critical moments.

Same as the other No. 1, although you have strong execution ability, you have an idealistic dreamy color than them. Therefore, when reality is not in line with ideals, you are often hit by the difficulty of accepting reality. . Therefore, when you have an idea, you need to act immediately. When you find a balance between ideal and reality, you will be more likely to succeed. This is all for Numerology Number 1 and many more things to tell in all aspects you can also read birth story of goddess laxmi by click here


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