Numerology Origin Story

Numerology Origin Story

Many people know about Numerology, which is usually called Numerology in English and Ank Jyotish in Hindi. If seen, Numerology Origin is about 10,000 years old and the person who has made this numerology very famous or that person is “of the highest fame” in the whole world, according to me according to the words of the whole world The only name that will come is “Cheiro”.

This great man was born in twentieth century in Ireland. His parents named him “Count Louise Heman”. It was felt that a great personality had taken birth in his house, Count Lewis Heman had come to India in his youth and he lived in South India for many years and got contact with many scholars here and got neurological knowledge from him. Along with this, he studied many other disciplines including oceanography, para physics.

When he felt that now he has gained enough numerology knowledge, he came back to his home and at the same time he conveyed his knowledge of numerology in India to the people and in a few years, he got his numerology By making many accurate predictions through knowledge, he became the “Eminent scholar of numerology” scholars all over the world.

With his hundred percent predictions and numerology and palmistry, he reached the infinite heights of the sky. Now all the people in the world started to know him by the name of “Cheiro” and this was the period when crores of people of the world became eager to know this amazing numerology.

The book

“Cheiro Book of Numbers” written by “Cheiro” is a world-renowned book and a unique book. This book has been published in many languages ​​of the world. This book created a unique record of sales. This “Cheiro” is the best among the best creations. The most reliable book of numerology so far. Now we know that the origin of this numerology has come from where?

Numerology is a very important discipline in the field of astrology, through numerology an attempt is made to know the life, behavior and future of any person through numbers. In numerology, an attempt is made to present a detailed description of various aspects of a person, his life stream, his mental ideology, and the subject of his life, etc. through the use of mathematical rules through the medium of numbers.

Numerology – is also known as Ank Jyotish in Hindi etc. As everyone is aware that there are nine planets in our solar system. The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Guru, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Varuna are all calculated on the basis of their characteristics by making these nine planets the basis in numerology.

Numerology – has been given the name of Numerology in English, if we look at the history of numerology we will find that its history is told even before 10,000 years ago and their roots started to flourish in Egypt, Greece and Babylon. And he gained very important prominence through the works of a famous mathematician Pythagoras.

 If you see the basis of all the days in this world, then it is impossible to tell any day without numbers. Pythagoras, the great mathematician of Egypt, made a deep study of the importance of the numerals and approved the fact that “Number rules the universe” means that the numerals rule the universe, and without the numbers one cannot imagine this life.

Numerals in Hindi means numerals that can be used to mark any single or multiple digits, so that the number of any object can be explained by its volume perimeter, etc. and in English, we call it the number. And the scripture of these numerals in English is called Numerology. Similar to this, there is a similar figure called Statistics, in which the information of numbers, facts, properties and events, etc. is collected and used as mathematics and scientific and it is used in statistics. ) Is completely different from its numerology.

If seen, in ancient times, knowledge of numerology was available only to Hindus, Khaldis, Hibras, Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese. If we look at the ancient texts of all the countries, then in the ancient texts of these countries, all these countries have made the best use of numerology in their question ideas, Swarodam Shastra etc. If seen, it is very difficult to explain numerology and it is worth remembering the explanation given by Walter B. Gribson on numerology. This ‘practical application of the basic principles of Mathematics is numerology’ which comes to the physical existence of human life.

If we look at the history of numerology has been the subject of Hebrew people and it is the same opinion that numerology has started with Hebrew radixes. According to numerology scholars, the Gypsy tribe of Egypt also contributed a lot in developing this numerology.

In the culture of the Hebrew people, ‘twenty’ is the original letter in their language and each letter is numbered 1 to 22 according to its order. Hebrew people used letters instead of letters in their practical language. On the basis of letters and numbers, the Hebrew people ensured different zodiac signs and planets as the overlords of every letter and number.

It can be assumed that the relationship between letters, numbers, zodiac signs and planets was established from the time of the Hebrew people and this relationship is the basis of numerology in numerology.

In numerology, a number has been assigned to each planet from 1 to 4, it depends on which planet has which effect and which 4 planets influence their life. This is also the position of the planets at the time of man’s birth, according to that the personality of that person is determined. That is why after the birth of a human, the same number has the most effect on the human being, who is the master of that human being. If one man’s number is matching with another man’s number, then a good relationship is established between the two persons.

In numerology, the letters and numbers of the letters alphabet A, B, C, D are considered. The name of the person is obtained by writing the letters of the person’s name in English and counting the digits of each letter. And by adding the date of birth, month and year digits, Bhagyank is obtained and through this, prediction is made through Numerology.

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