Rakshabandhan – Unbreakable holy festival of brotherly love

I extend my warm greetings to all of you on Laxmiputra. Today I am presenting to you the story of the sacred and unwavering affection of brothers and sisters, which we know as Raksha Bandhan and many readers will also want to know that this sacred bond and festival of defense between brothers and sisters. What is the story behind this, let us know.
According to mythological belief, once in the Dwapar Yuga, when Lord Krishna gets hurt and blood starts flowing from his hand, then incidentally Draupadi also stays there and blood flow from Lord Krishna’s hand is extremely When Triv begins to happen, Draupadi is not tolerated by seeing this and she cuts off her sari in Lord Krishna’s hand, which at that time acts as a rakshaasutra to stop the flowing blood of Lord Krishna, Then the blood flow stops and Draupadi’s debt of affection is paid by Lord Krishna when Dushasan was making Draupadi in a huge assembly in front of everyone in the Rajya Sabha of Hastinapur and at that time someone to protect Draupadi Even when the person did not come, then at such a time Draupadi remembered Lord Shri Krishna to save her identity and Lord Shri Krishna gave the part of the saree tied by Draupadi which was a protector for the blood flowing from her hand at that time. Lord Krishna had done the work, by increasing the rag of Draupadi’s sari Paid on the benevolence of that Rakshasutra, and since then this tradition has come and since then till today it remains a festival of bondage of pure and unwavering affection between brothers and sisters.
Similarly there is another mythological story according to which there was a lot of duel war between the gods and the Asuras.The battle was so fierce that the name was not going to end, both sides struggled for many years to win and eventually the Asuras Having conquered the gods, now after losing, Devraj Indra got disappointed and went to Devguru Vrihaspati, then Devguru Vrihaspati asked Devraj Indra to perform Raksha Rites from the full moon date of Shravan month and complete that Raksha Rites by mantras. Devaraj made a bundle of it to Indra. When Devaraja Indra was again going to war against the Asuras, his wife Shachi tied that defense bundle in the hand of Devaraj Indra and because of that defense bundle, Devraj Indra managed to win the war against the Asuras and then This sacred festival of Raksha Sanskar started.
Similarly another mythological stories according to which once upon a time when King Bali used to be distraught for the grace of Lord Vishnu despite everything in his possession, in his mind came the thought that Shri Hari Vishnu ji in the whole universe all over the world On top of all, he pitys his mercy and gives darshan, but why is it with me that everything goes well, even after doing everything well, I do not have the vision of Lord Vishnu, then in such a situation, King Bali removed that Whatever happens, I will please Lord Vishnu with his austerity and ask him a boon, in such a situation, as a result of a very severe penance, King Bali had to come to offer a sacrifice to King Bali. King Bali said to Lord Vishnu that you will stay in my goods only and only at eight o’clock in the morning and in the night and live with me, Lord Vishnu is pleased with his penance and calls him Aastu to grant him a boon and then Lord Vishnu Except Sibsagar, the king sits here at Bali when Mata Lakshmi knows this. Mata Lakshmi gets very worried when she walks and she does not understand what to do then when Mata Lakshmi comes in and Mata Lakshmi narrates all the stories to her, Narada Ji heard this. Narada Ji suggested a remedy to him. If you want to bring Lord Vishnu back to Kshirsagar, then you do one thing, go to King Bali and tie him a sutra and make him your brother. Following Narada, Mata Lakshmi goes to Raja Bali and makes him her brother by tying Raksha Sutra and asks Raja Bali to gift her husband back because Raja Bali was bound in a sister’s Raksha Sutra, so he was constrained and He sent Lord Vishnu back with him to Kshir Sagar as told by Mata Lakshmi, since then this sacred festival of defense began to be celebrated between brother and sister.
If seen, this festival was never tied in the bond of any religion caste and this festival is a symbol of unwavering love of brother and sister and protection of sister.
Wish you all the best of the holy festival of unwavering love of brothers and sisters.

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