Shravan Month – The month of Devotional Devotion of Lord Shiva.

Dear friends, I warmly welcome you all. Today I am going to tell you the story of Sawan, the most popular month of Lord Shiva. As the world is clearly aware that in this entire universe there is only one God who is pleased with his devotees at the earliest, then he is the only Shiva Shambhu Bholenath who is the easiest to please, Lord Shiva is only a lot They are happy with Jalabhishek and their personality is completely innocent, that is, whether they are gods or asuras, men or women or any other person, they can only anoint them with a lotta water with true devotion with love. I become satisfied and happy by doing Shivakar (chanting 7), that is why they are called Bholenath and when it is the month of Shravan, then it becomes very easy to please Bholenath, so let us know that What is the story of Sawan month?
It is a very ancient thing that there lived a Seth in a city, who was a great devotee of Shiva Shambhu Bholenath, that Seth had all the luxuries of luxury such as the great grace of Goddess Lakshmi, but she knew that. Even after everything, one of the biggest drawbacks in his life was that he had no children, he used to be immersed day and night in the thought that who will inherit so much wealth after his departure, when he will or will not inherit it. He used to have this worry day and night, what will happen now. But even after getting lost in so much anxiety, he used to light a lamp in Lord Shiva’s temple near his house every day and seeing that it was his rule and seeing his other devotion, Mother Parvati told Lord Shiva that I I have been watching this money lender for many years, it does devotion to you every day and is lost in any anxiety, Lord, if you have any grief problem, then please take care of your other devotees, then Lord Shiva Mata says to Parvati ji that this moneylender does not have a son, so if he is lost in worry, then Mata Parvati ji says that God be your devotee and give me the boon of getting a son.
So Lord Shiva says that there is no son in its destiny and in such a situation that if I give him the boon of getting a son, then his son will survive only till the age of 12 years. So Goddess Parvati said that Lord this is your unique devotee and you have to give it the gift of getting a son or else, in such a situation, who will do your devotion, Lord, have mercy on this devotee and give him the gift of getting a son, Mother Parvati I repeatedly urge you to give this devotee the gift of getting a son, then Bholenath gives the blessing of getting a son to that moneylender at the behest of Mata Parvati, but also says that that son is only 12 years of age Will live till
After receiving this boon of Lord Shiva, that Seth was neither very happy nor very sad even after receiving that boon, he continued to devote his devotion every day, and with the blessing of Lord Shiva, Sethani became pregnant and after nine months Seth’s A beautiful child took birth in the house and Sethani was so happy that he started expressing his happiness in all the four directions, he had got the happiness of the whole universe. But Seth was living like before because he knew that his son would live only till the age of 12 years and he confined it to himself. As time went on and that child became 11 years old, Sethani told Seth that now this boy should get married, then Seth said that he is only 11 years old and now he is going to study further We will send it to Kashi and then Seth called the maternal uncle of that child and told his maternal uncle that you go to Kashi with it and wherever you stop on the road to perform Yagya Havan and make food and donate it to Brahmins. That they went out and wherever they stopped, they sacrificed and offered food and sacrifices in such a way that there was a city moving on the path and the princess of the city that was getting married, but the wood with which she was getting married was paralyzed with one eye. Was Then the princess’s father’s eye fell on Seth’s son who was very beautiful. Then the princess’s father talked to the boy’s maternal uncle and said that it is so beautiful that we will sit it on the mare and marry it to the princess and in return we Will give you a lot of money and after getting lured by the money, the boy’s maternal uncle got his nephew married to the princess and all the functions of the marriage were done. Now after the marriage, when the boy started going with his maternal uncle, the boy took the princess. It was written in Chunri that you have been married to me, but the prince your father liked for you is Kana with one eye, then that boy walked to Kashi with his maternal uncle and here the princess wrote on his chunari. Took and the princess refused to go with the prince, the princess’s father left the princess’s wedding procession. Here, both uncle and nephew reached Kashi and one day while the maternal uncle was performing the yajna, he gave voice to his nephew to come to the yagna but his nephew did not come out, then the uncle got upset. He went inside and saw that his nephew had died. Because his 12 years of age had been completed, now the maternal uncle was very much worried that now what to do if I mourn then all Brahmins will go away. He completed the first yagna.

As soon as the yagya was over, the maternal uncle started crying loudly, at the same time, Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati were going to roam over him, then Mata Parvati heard the cry of the boy’s maternal uncle and asked Lord Shiva that who is this so loudly Lord Shiva said that here is the maternal uncle of the boy who was born with my boon, now it is 12 years old and this boy has died, then Goddess Parvati said that Bholenath when this boy If the parents of the child will know what will happen to them, they will die crying while crying, please you revive this boy, Lord Mata Parvati ji’s repeated insistence that Lord Shiva raised the boy alive and the boy was revived. Later, he stood up reciting Om Namah Shivaya. Now the boy and his maternal uncle again left for their home and in return both reached the same city where he was married to that princess, the princess saw and recognized the boy and then the princess’s father gave that boy Giving away a lot of money and other things to the boy, he left the boy and the boy’s parents both stood on the roof leading to their son and were very anxious that if their son did not return, both of them left the roof. Will give his life by jumping from
At the same time, the boy’s maternal uncle came and informed the boy’s parents that his boy was bringing a princess with whom he got married, even after hearing this, the boy’s father could not believe him because only He only knew that the boy had completed 12 years of age and would have died, but the boy’s maternal uncle took an oath that his son was bringing the princess by marrying and then Seth agreed and when he slept that night It was then that his dream came to Lord Shiva and told him that I am very happy with your devotion and worship, so I have given life to your boy and if any person will listen to this story, then his sari sufferings will go away and if any Fasting on Somavar during the month of Sawan, if you listen to this story or read it, then all its wishes will be fulfilled.
In this way, the story of Savan Monday Vrat ends, I hope that all of you will like this story, Lord Shiva Shambhu Bholenath bestows his blessings on all of you and all your wishes are fulfilled.
Jai Shiva Shambhu Jai Bholenath Har Har Mahadev

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